JANUARY - Media Journal

Here's what I watched and read in January.  

010115 Unbroken
010115 The One I Love
010315 Two Days, One Night
010415 The Trip to Italy
010515 Big Trouble in Little China
010915 Taken 3
011015 Selma
011215 The Grand Budapest Hotel
011515 American Sniper
012415 Force Majeure
012515 Predestination
012515 Inherent Vice
012615 Obvious Child
013015 A Most Violent Year
013115 Black Sea

VOD Rips: 6

010415 The Circle by Dave eggers
012415 Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha
012515 Station Eleven by Emily St. Jon Mandel
013015 The Big Short by Michael Lewis

Great end to the month with "A Most Violent Year" and "Black Sea".  V stoked to have seen them both this weekend, and both in theaters!  Really enjoyed Inherent Vice and Grand Budapest Hotel on second viewing as well.  Sex at Dawn was eye-opening and game changing for me, highly recommend.  The Circle and Station Eleven were both really fun reads.